From Our Parents:

“RMS is an incredibly special place and we’re thankful for the amazing teachers, the leadership team, and the lifelong gift of ‘love of learning’ our children have received.

“Thank you, RMS, for offering my children stellar education and wonderful experience. I am pleased with their progress. In fact, they amaze me with their curiosity and creativity. They are independent, and driven, and eager to learn. Each and every day they look forward to going to school. They enjoy the atmosphere, learning experiences, their friends’ company, and they absolutely admire and respect their teachers.

“We are just beyond happy at RMS. It’s such a nurturing environment for the kids and the parents. I have always felt the open door policy by all of the administration and staff. The RMS community really is like a second family to us. We plan to be there through 8th grade.

“We are very happy with our son’s first year, from his progress to his teacher and the complete RMS staff. Thanks so much!

“We feel that the way in which decisions, interactions, programs, and curriculum are made at RMS fall in line with the values we share in our home. It is the fact that our children are surrounded by peers, teachers, faculty, and other families, who hold these same values, that we continue to make compromises in other parts of our life to send them to RMS. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

“We have been very happy and impressed with the education offered. Our children come home excited about school and anxious to share what they are learning. We love the broad scope of lessons incorporating nature and practical aspects of life. We knew little about the Montessori method prior to our children enrolling, but we are sold! They are learning so much more than they would in a traditional classroom setting. They truly are becoming global citizens who are independent caring children. The Montessori classroom is reinforcing the values that we try to instill in our children. We could not be more pleased with the overall experience.   “The overall sense that the children are motivated to learn and love to learn by working at their own pace, working independently, using all of their senses, moving about the classroom, and being able to learn in a more flexible environment.  Also, the sense of community is very appealing, especially with the multi-age classes where the children learn from each other and teach and help each other.”

“Providing an atmosphere that allows the child to progress at the pace they are ready for, experiencing their world in abstract and concrete ways to see their place in the world and society.  The aspects of community and empathy are of particular value to us.”

“The emphasis on the whole child – not just a focus on academic performance, but also social and emotional balance and well-being.”

“Nurturing human potential…it’s all about the village raising the child and producing a well-rounded individual.”

“Montessori kids stand out in many ways.  To me, the most obvious is how respectful they are with their teachers and with each other.”

“Giving children a rich environment in which they can explore, learn and create.”

“I am really proud of RMS kids when we are outside the classroom, whether it’s a field trip or just a small sleepover.  I think the kids are terrific!”

“The approach to treating the children with dignity.”

“Laying the foundation for academic excellence starts by nurturing each child’s individual abilities, talents, and interests and appreciation of others’ individuality.”

From Our Middle School Students:

“At RMS, I have learned the most important lessons about getting through life. For example, I have learned the value of kindness, cooperation, and respect. I am excited to use these lessons and go forward in my educational journey.

“I joined your community as a shy, quiet girl, but you opened up to me and encouraged me to be a part of the community you built. And although I am leaving you as that same exact girl, I feel more prepared for changes in the future.

Although I feel as prepared as I imagine anyone could be for the academic challenges that await me in moving out into the world, nothing will prepare me for being away from all of my friends, role models, and teachers that I have laughed, played, and studied with for all of these years. I imagine that for decades to come, I will always be searching for an old, familiar face from Richmond Montessori.”

“The way the teachers get us ready for the real world and push us to be the best we can be.”

 “So much of our work is hands on, so we can completely understand what we learn.  We aren’t afraid to let our classwork leave the classroom, and we are ready to learn anywhere.”

“I like that RMS leads kids to be independent and does a great job of getting kids ready for high school.”

“I value our classroom and school community.  We are so close together and I think that helps us strive for mastery and excellence.”

“I really like that no matter when you join RMS, everyone welcomes you with open arms.”