Highlights of the Week What peace means to Melody Parker, Lead Toddler Teacher

What peace means to Melody Parker, Lead Toddler Teacher

Published on Monday, September 14, 2015 @ 8:57 am

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I am Melody Parker – “Miss Melody” in the Toddler community. I’ve lived in cities across the United States; Portland, Oregon was home for the last decade. My teaching career has included elementary school through college students.  However, it was my children’s own Montessori education that lead me to receive my AMI diploma as an Infant/Toddler guide. I have lead Toddler classrooms in Illinois, Texas and Oregon. I love the outdoors; kayaking and backpacking make me happy!

For me, guiding children in a Montessori setting is how I am able to contribute to bringing peace in our world.

P – patience, process, pride in accomplishment

E – environment prepared for independence

A – acceptance of each child’s developmental continuum

C – community, consistency, care for the whole child

E – everyday grace and courtesy guide our community’s interactions

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