Highlights of the Week Upper Elementary students on “Going Outs”

Upper Elementary students on “Going Outs”

Published on Tuesday, November 14, 2017 @ 4:52 pm

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private schools in richmond vaField trips are fun! No matter what age, most children tend to enjoy the experience and usually learn a lot. However, just imagine how much MORE engaged kids are when they get to pick the field trip! That’s just what we do at Richmond Montessori. We call these student-organized field trips “Going Outs,” and the kids love them.

Our Upper Elementary students wrote about the “Going Outs” at RMS:

private school options richmond va“Going Outs” are a way for children in groups of two or three to organize their own field trip to learn more about something that was introduced in class. This exercise helps us improve our independence. We plan the whole trip from calling the place we would like to go, to scheduling the day, to calling a volunteer parent to drive us (which can’t be one of our own parents.)

Going Out to the Lewis and Clark Exploratory Center (LCEC)

IMG_2502Our Going Out was to the Lewis and Clark Exploratory Center (LCEC) in Charlottesville, and our generous driver was Mrs. Ford. When we arrived, a nice lady, our guide, greeted us. We toured a small keelboat replica of Lewis and Clark’s, completed a scavenger hunt in the museum, took a nature walk along the Rivera River to look for natural signs of animals, and mapped the area which we had traveled. We finished with learning how to make a dug-out canoe.

This Going Out Was a Great Success!

We had specific questions we wanted to learn more about, and it is now time for us to share our experience with our classmates and teach them what we learned. Our Going Out was the first in our class for 2016, and it was a great success.

James (4th year), Joseph (4th year), and Sam (5th year) at Richmond Montessori private school.

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Not all private schools in Richmond, Virginia take this unique approach to field trips, but we feel like the results speak for themselves. Contact Us to learn more about how Richmond Montessori’s teaching strategy differs from other private schools in Richmond.

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