Parenting Resources and Articles

Parenting Resources and Articles

Research has shown that exposing children to the right types of music improves their speech development, vocabulary, social interactions, confidence, and memory. Strong early childhood development builds the foundation children need to be confident as they take on new challenges and situations in their later years. Choosing the right music for preschoolers is a big part of achieving this important task and ensuring their overall success in life.

Good Morning and Welcome Songs

Good morning and welcome songs are an excellent way for children to start their day with the right mindset. It helps to teach them about the wonderful opportunities each day brings by creating a friendly and inviting atmosphere in the classroom.

It also allows shier students to feel comfortable in a classroom setting and creates a very positive environment in which they can thrive. These types of songs are perfect for engaging younger children and getting them excited about learning.

Fingerplays Music

Teachers and parents can rely on interactive songs known as fingerplays to help children improve various cognitive functions like rhyming, fine motor skills, memorization, and much more.

It involves children watching an adult and repeating the hand motions they see. It's a fun way for them to build confidence and get active at the same time.

Dancing and Action Music for Preschoolers

Songs that encourage children to follow along with dance moves or actions are the perfect way to keep children entertained and burn off the copious amount of energy they have. It also helps children to develop a mind to muscle connection and improve their coordination.

Action music is also a valuable tool for early childhood teachers and parents who want to calm down very active children in the classroom or at home in a productive manner.

Nursery Rhyme Music

Parents and teachers can use this kind of music to help children improve their overall language skills. 

Music About Responsibility

It's important to teach children at a young age the importance of things like cleaning up after themselves, being kind to other people, respecting animals, and so on. But having them sit in a room and lecturing them at such a young age won't keep their attention for very long.

That's why songs based on these themes are the perfect way to demonstrate to preschoolers the value of taking responsibility while providing some fun at the same time.

Music About Animals

Music is an excellent method to teach children about our furry friends. Children can learn about domestic pets we have in the home and animals that we should never approach. Children need to understand that not all animals are safe to approach, and they should always ask a parent or teacher first.

We know how vital a strong learning foundation is for your child to develop the skills and confidence to take on whatever challenges they face.  Contact Richmond Montessori School today to learn more about our curriculum.

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