Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

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Dr Maria Montessori was able to identify “sensitive periods” during a child’s life during which time a child is more responsive and quicker to learn particular skills. She observed that a child learns each skill best in isolation of other skills with real-life applications and with increasing difficulty and repetition. She also advocated “following the child”; that is, giving the right lesson at the right time and allowing the child to participate in his/her own progress. Maria Montessori developed a continuum of lessons (organized in a spiral fashion from level to level) and specific learning materials tailored to the basic philosophy and instruction that she advocated.

The Montessori curriculum is an integrated approach where diverse concepts are presented across the curriculum and in different ways as the children progress through the grades. Children have repeated opportunities within different contexts to practice skills being learned. This approach also emphasizes the interconnectedness of disciplines.

We live the essential Montessori philosophy that nurtures internal motivation, supports academic excellence and builds social and emotional growth in each child. At Richmond Montessori School, children "learn how to learn" through inquiry, research, and academic mastery. Carefully guided by teachers, the Montessori student studies:

  • Mathematics
  • Cultural studies
  • Language, history and geography
  • Sensorial work
  • Humanities
  • Physical education
  • Art
  • Music
  • Science lab
  • Library
  • Technology

View our Curriculum Map to see the full curriculum for each level.