For children 3 to 6 years of age, we offer Primary Half-Day (pre-k) for ages 3-4, and Primary Full-Day (kindergarten) for ages 5-6. Extended day programs are available for an additional fee.

View the primary curriculum outline here.

Primary Half-Day, ages 3-4, 8:30-11:45 a.m.

Children in primary are active, curious, and excited learners. With wonder and determination, they embrace our curriculum through Montessori materials. Hands-on learning resonates with these children-- materials help them learn the symbols and sounds of language and the meaning of numbers. They do not memorize; they learn by doing, which leads to concrete understanding and a strong foundation for abstract thinking skills. Students learn new concepts in manageable steps, guided by teachers with a detailed knowledge of what each child needs, then they practice their skills at their own pace. They enjoy practical life skills like gardening and food preparation, and they strengthen the social and emotional skills they need to be kind, compassionate members of a supportive community. Throughout primary, students experience unique attention from teachers who encourage them to pursue areas of interest and support them when they face challenges.

Primary Full-Day, ages 5-6, 8:30-3:10 p.m.

The third year of our primary level (which is kindergarten at conventional schools ) features extraordinary growth in our students. These children remain in the classroom in the afternoon after the younger primary students go home, giving them special time to work in a close-knit, small group. Parents often marvel at the magic that happens in the last year of primary as children advance in their academic skills, emotional maturity, and independence. From storytelling to continent studies to conflict resolution, our far-reaching curriculum encourages students to be well-rounded, confident people. The unique Montessori approach features a blend of teacher-led lessons and independent work so that children remain intrinsically motivated to work to their potential at their own pace. There is no limit to what a third-year primary student can accomplish; they can move on to lessons at the elementary level if that is where their learning takes them. Children also have time to master skills without being pressured or feeling anxious. Creative, happy, caring students leave our primary classrooms ready and excited to enter our elementary program.

In both programs, the curriculum includes spoken and written language, reading, mathematics, cultural studies (geography, history and science), art, sensorial work (sensory awareness) and practical life skills. Specialty areas of study such as physical education, library, Spanish and music are part of the standard curriculum.

Our Primary program promotes social skills, emotional growth, physical coordination and cognitive learning structured into multi-age groupings consisting of children 3 to 6 years of age.


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