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Parenting Resources and Articles

private elementary school richmond vaCommunity – Through diversity, dynamic learning, service.

At Richmond Montessori School, we are proud of our diversity and sense of community. Our families come to us from all over the world. Over 31 nationalities and 42 zip codes are represented at RMS. Every day we celebrate the inclusivity and diversity of what makes Richmond Montessori School what it is today. We are a close-knit group of friends, families and faculty. We join together to cheer on our students on the soccer field, in the classroom and at home. Our community connects to beautify our campus, make events more meaningful and celebrate the many achievements of our students.

Character – In personal empowerment, integrity, accountability.

By nurturing and cultivating a child’s natural desire to learn and a focus on individual development, all aspects of the child are taken into consideration – academically, emotionally, socially and morally – allowing the whole personality to take shape, not just the intellect. This means we strive to create not only good students, but good people too.

Authenticity – In Montessori curriculum, philosophy, method.

“Montessori” is a term that is used broadly in the public domain. It is often applied as an adjective to describe qualities that a school has incorporated such as learning centers, freedom of choice and hands-on activities. The Montessori form of education is not trademarked, copyrighted or franchised. The only way a parent can ensure that their child is receiving an authentic Montessori education is through enrollment in an accredited school. Founded in 1965, Richmond Montessori School is the only Montessori school in the Richmond area and surrounding counties that is fully accredited by two external organizations – the American Montessori Society and Virginia Association of Independent Schools.

Respect – For self, others, the environment.

Our philosophy focuses on cooperation, collaboration and mutual respect. Love and respect for others and the environment are practiced on a day-to-day basis. From an early age, students enjoy practical life skills like gardening and food preparation, and they strengthen the social and emotional skills they need to be kind, compassionate members of a supportive community. Older children work and play alongside their classmates, they not only experience joyful connections with each other but also learn how to support effective group dynamics and how to work through problems. We prioritize teachable moments in which children learn and model thoughtful communication skills, patience, and empathy.

Excellence – In academics, leadership, and accreditation.

RMS offers an education that prepares children for high levels of academic achievement, while also supporting their unique styles, interests and talents, resulting in students who have the self-confidence, motivation and sense of purpose to successfully navigate life and contribute to their world in a meaningful way. In addition to an undergraduate degree, our lead teachers hold teacher certifcations from the American Montessori Society or Association Montessori International.

Our values fulfill our school’s mission to be a premier Montessori community, inspiring academic excellence and nurturing human potential.





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