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Is Private Middle School Better Than Public School?

Published on Saturday, September 9, 2017 @ 10:25 am

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Many areas around Richmond are fortunate to have strong public school public school options – but as students transition to middle school many parents wonder if they should consider private school, but wonder if it an unnecessary investment when their public school is a valid option.

It is important to keep in mind that every student has different needs, and not all thrive in a typical public school environment.

Your Child Is Unique

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Public Schools teach to the middle. That is to say, they have a curriculum designed that will benefit the average student at any given grade level. Unfortunately, not all students qualify as “average” learners. Some students are advanced learners, and they quickly bore in the standardized classroom. Other students need more time to master different skills, and they struggle to maintain pace with the rest of the class. These differences make it challenging for students to excel in classrooms with 15-30 students who all have different learning abilities.

If your child does not fit the generic mold created for public school education, it may be time to consider a private school such as Richmond Montessori.  The Montessori education is focused on the individuality of the students, providing them the environment they need to learn at their own pace. This system gives students the opportunity to grow as learners and individuals through a child-directed, purposeful process.

What Is A Montessori Education?

Many parents are looking for alternative options for their children’s education, and Montessori education is growing in popularity for students through middle school.  The Montessori education is based on five core components:

  1. Properly trained teachers
  2. Multi-age classrooms
  3. Montessori materials
  4. Child-directed work
  5. Uninterrupted work periods

These features all work in unison to create an atmosphere conducive to all types of students. They allow your student to forge their own path and work at their own pace. This ignites passion in learning and exploration, which benefits the students now and later in life.

Core Educational Components

At Richmond Montessori, your child will receive the education they need because of our child-centric model. The five main pillars of Montessori education are all focused on the goal of specialized learning, and we uphold that mission. One the main pillars is the Montessori teacher model, which has the teachers serve as guides, rather than directors. Our teachers give your child the opportunity to control the pace of the education, ensuring they master the task before moving to the next. Teachers in the public sector are forced to follow specific standards and keep the children at a steady pace. While this model works for some, many students fall behind and get lost in the shuffle when the pace does not fit their needs.

Richmond Montessori provides another option for those students who don’t excel in the traditional classroom setting. Our small class sizes and small school environments allow one-on-one attention for your child, which ensures they are receiving the help and materials they need to succeed. They also get the chance to work with students who are older and younger than them, which instills lessons through teaching them to back to their peers while also improving social skills.

The uninterrupted work periods and child-directed work are also important aspects of the Richmond Montessori model. We strive to provide independent learning opportunities so your child can find their own interests and motivate themselves to explore new things. Under the guidance of our properly trained teachers, the students are able to use their time to learn at a comfortable pace, which boosts confidence and enables the student to allocate their time to subjects that need more attention.

This leads to middle school students who look forward to coming to school every day.  Our middle school students don’t see school as a chore, but a community where they are treated with respect while learning respect for others.  The unique aspects of a Montessori middle school education prepare students for life outside of the classroom, including higher education in both public and private high schools around Richmond.  See a list of high schools our recent students now attend.

Learn More About Richmond Montessori

Many students enjoy and excel within the public education sector, but the system does not work for all students equally. If you think your middle schooler would benefit from the unique education Montessori provides, come explore the options Richmond Montessori has to offer or join us for an open house.

We operate under a system of rolling admission, so you are encouraged to submit an application whenever you feel it’s time for your child to make the transition. We accept students of all backgrounds from toddler through the 8th grade. Contact us today to start the application process or to simply learn more about the resources we can provide for your child. An investment in your child’s education is an investment in their future.