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What Is The Right Age To Start Pre-School

Published on Monday, July 17, 2017 @ 4:32 pm

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henrico county va preschoolParents want what is best for their children, giving them the best opportunities to learn and develop social skills  – starting with a structured preschool.

Many Richmond area parents start researching preschool programs when their children are close to age 3, or even age 4.  However, even children as young as 18 months can benefit from the right education, but many parents only associate preschool at this age with a traditional daycare setting.  What is the difference between day care and preschool?

Toddlers can absorb information like a sponge and given the right program toddlers can thrive while learning  language skills, refining gross and fine motor skills, developing concentration, and growing their independence.

A program for your toddler should offer far more than just childcare. It should be the ideal environment for young toddler to make the most of this irreplaceable period of time.

When researching and touring schools there are several questions to ask and items to look for including:

  • What is typical day like?  What new skills are introduced during the school year?
  • What is the average class size?
  • If possible observe the classroom in action – are the children engaged in activities?  Is the room clean, comfortable, inviting and tailored for young children?
  • How do teachers interact with the children?  Are they guiding and encouraging the children as they learn new skills, ask questions and explore activities?
  • Is there an appropriate student to teacher ratio?
  • Is the school accredited?  What is the hiring process for the teachers?
  • What is your initial reaction?  Did you leave the tour excited or feeling the program was just OK?

best toddler program richmond vaAt Richmond Montessori our classrooms are built specifically for children taking into consideration their age and how they grow.  Our toddler rooms are designed just for ages 2 and 3, and preschool rooms for ages 4 and 5.

Each room is filled with music, art, flowers and authentically crafted materials, offering a sensorial experience where toddlers learn social skills, emotional growth, physical coordination and cognitive thinking – all while making friends and having a lot of fun.

The children in our program love to “do it themselves” including setting the table each day for lunch time.  They participate in classes including library, art, Spanish and much more. The Richmond Montessori toddler program is truly more than just childcare.  It is an experience that helps young children develop important skills and prepare them for a life long love of learning.

Find out more about our toddler or preschool programs. Our school is located off Parham Road easily accessible to Henrico, Richmond, Chesterfield and beyond.

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